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Pape's Eftf – Dansk Polerskivefabrik have emerged through the merger of the two old firms:

  • Pape's, which we acquired in 1996 and which until then had been driven by Ove Pape in Søborg, and
  • Dansk Polerskivefabrik, another of Denmark's leading polishing disc manufactures, which we acquired at the turn of 2008-09.

After the acquisitions, the companies moved to our production facilities in Slagelse, where we now produce all kinds of polishing discs, buffing discs and sisal discs.

Discs are produced in a wide range of standard and custom sizes and thicknesses. Discs are supplied sewn with either leather or cardboard flanges to meet customer requirements.

Pape's Eftf – Dansk Polerskivefabrik today produces anode bags, felt bags as well as chamber filters and pressure filters in all dimensions after customer specifications. We also perform many types of contract work for a number of companies.

With the acquisition of Dansk Polerskivefabrik, we, at the same time, opened for export to the entire European market.

Pape's Eftf – Dansk Polerskivefabrik is now the leading producer of specialty discs for any metal polishing purpose, just as our very flexible and customized formats has made us one of the most important partners for a wide range of metal product manufacturers throughout Europe.


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